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Boiler Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

There are few things less pleasant during a cold winter day in Colorado than to have the boiler that keeps your home toasty warm start to malfunction. You cannot hesitate when it comes to scheduling boiler repairs, even if the boiler is only showing warning signs that it is suffering from a fault. Prompt repairs are an important part of making sure that a boiler doesn’t sustain more damage, begin to drain excess power, and suffer from a shortened lifespan.

If you are losing heating power from your boiler, or if it is creating strange sounds and causing unexpectedly high heating bills, contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning and our team of experience boiler repair technicians. We will find out what is troubling your boiler and the best way to get it working its best again. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service we complete.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert boiler repair services in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas.

Common Boiler Repair Needs

Because boilers have few moving parts, they tend to suffer from repair troubles less often than other heating systems such as furnaces and heat pumps. However, boilers aren’t trouble–free, and there are some malfunctions you might encounter during a boiler’s lifetime that will require the work of professional technicians.

Water leaks are perhaps the #1 repair concern for boilers. Leaking can occur for a number of reasons, but any time you spot water pooling around the boiler’s tank you need to call for repair technicians immediately. They will work out what has caused the leaks and the best way to remedy the problem.

Water pressure spikes inside the boiler are another occurrence that needs fast repairs. Pressure increases can come from sediment developing along the tank bottom, damage to the expansion tank, or the water overheating. The sound of rumbling in the tank will often alert you to high water pressure.

If your boiler won’t produce any heat, trouble with its power source is the likely cause. Gas–powered boilers can suffer from malfunctions in the burner or the pilot light/electrical ignition. For electric boilers, broken heating elements will also result in a loss of heat.

Only Rely on Professionals for Boiler Repair

Fixing trouble with a boiler is a task for experienced technicians. Only people with the proper training can accurately diagnose why a boiler is malfunctioning and identify the type of repair that will fix the problem. The technicians will make sure that a boiler will not develop any further water leaks from the repair jobs (this if often an issue with amateur work). If you have a gas–powered boiler, it is especially important that you have licensed professionals handle the work to avoid the possibility of toxic gas leaks and explosive hazards. Don’t take chances with your safety or your boiler working inefficiently: call the experts for speedy and effective repairs.

Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for Boiler Repair

You can reach the NATE–certified repair technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning 24 hours a day whenever your boiler shows signs of malfunctioning. Make sure to call as soon as you think there is a problem, since the longer you wait, the worse the trouble is likely to grow. Look to us when your boiler is in need of repair.