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Water Leaking From Your AC Is a Problem!

May 16th, 2022

water-dropletsWhen you spot water pooling around your water heater, you know you’ve got a serious problem that requires water heater pros to inspect and fix. But what about when you see water leaking from the indoor unit of your air conditioner? An air conditioner doesn’t run on water, so are leaks a serious problem and a reason to call us for air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs, CO? The answer is almost certainly yes, although it requires more explanation. Let’s get to it… 

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4 Thermostat Problems You May Encounter

May 2nd, 2022

digital-thermostat-handThe thermostat is one of the most important parts of any home’s HVAC system. It’s the device people use to communicate with the heater, air conditioner, and fan. Unfortunately, it’s easy to take the thermostat for granted and imagine that it will always work as needed. Because thermostat malfunctions often appear like trouble elsewhere in the HVAC system, people misdiagnose what’s actually happening.

When you encounter any kind of problem with your home comfort system that you can’t trace to an easily correctable issue (such as a clogged air filter or tripped circuit breaker), always call professionals to figure out what’s wrong. Our technicians can discover if a malfunctioning thermostat is behind the problem so we can offer a swift and effective solution, such as repairing the thermostat or replacing it. Below is a list of four common thermostat problems.

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The Question of AC Size: Why It’s Critical for a New System

April 18th, 2022

air-conditioning-repair-toolsMany homeowners use spring to have a new air conditioning system installed in their homes. It’s the ideal season to get this job done: the new system will be ready to go before the first serious hot days arrive, and technicians can get the installation done during a time when a home doesn’t need cooling. Technicians have less busy schedules during spring, so it’s easier to find a convenient appointment for the new installation. 

And it is important to have professionals handle an air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs, CO. Amateurs often make errors because they lack the proper training and always try to find ways to do the job as cheaply as possible. This is why amateurs frequently install air conditioners that are the wrong size for homes. Sizing a new air conditioner is an essential part of installation, as we’ll explain. Our technicians will make sure you have the right AC for your house. 

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It’s Time to Prep Your AC for the Warmer Weather

April 4th, 2022

energy-efficiency-green-homeWhen the calendar turns over to April, it’s time to start thinking about the approaching mid-year heat. Early planning is the best way to ensure a great performance from your air conditioner for the summer. When you have professional maintenance from our technicians, you’ll have an AC in the best condition for the heat—and to save you money in several ways.

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Where the Furnace Pilot Light Went—And What Replaced It

March 21st, 2022

furnace-burners-CUWhen people think of standard natural gas furnaces, they often think of the words pilot light. Standing pilot lights became part of gas furnaces back in the 1920s and marked a major improvement in using them at the time. Rather than having to manually light a furnace each time a house needed heat, people could instead turn the furnace on and the standing pilot was at the ready to ignite the gas burners. 

Does the furnace you currently have in your house use a standing pilot light? We’d wager the answer is no. In fact, it’s almost certainly no if your furnace is less than eleven years old. Standing pilot lights started to disappear in the 1980s, and now you’ll mostly find them used on commercial equipment and not in residential heating systems, such as gas furnaces and stoves. What happened to the pilot light? And what has replaced it?

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The Parts of a Gas Furnace That Help It Run Safely

March 7th, 2022

natural-gas-furnaceOne of our main concerns as an HVAC contractor handling heating in Colorado Springs, CO is ensuring our customers have gas furnaces that run safely through the winter season. Although gas furnaces are built with safety as the top priority, malfunctions can still lead to potential carbon monoxide hazards in a home as well as combustion dangers. 

We want to help you better understand your gas furnace, and in this post we’ll look at the safety features built into it to help it run hazard-free during the season. The more you know about these features, the more you’ll know about when the furnace isn’t running safely. Please don’t try to troubleshoot any of these features yourself or open up the furnace cabinet to tinker with it. Instead, shut off the gas to the furnace and call our technicians. We offer 24-hour emergency service for situations like this.

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Has Your Furnace Lived Up to Expectations This Winter?

February 21st, 2022

natural-gas-furnaceWeather isn’t done with us yet in Colorado Springs, but we’re now in the latter half of the season. Your furnace has already handled many days of keeping back the cold weather and warming your house. As you start to look ahead toward the warmer months, now is a good time to give some thought to your furnace and how well it’s worked for you this winter. 

The big question to ask: “Has my furnace lived up to expectations this year?” We’ll go more into this question below so you can get a better idea of your furnace’s condition and future.

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Some Unusual Signs of a Failing Furnace

February 7th, 2022

humidity-on-windowUnderstanding the common signs that you need furnace service in Colorado Springs, CO is a basic part of owning a furnace. But furnaces can fail in several ways, and some of the signs aren’t ones you’ll frequently find on lists of furnace repair warnings. These are often more subtle, but they can give you an early heads up that you should call our expert technicians. Repairing a furnace promptly not only protects you from getting trapped in a house with no heat, it also helps ensure the furnace operates at its safest. 

Here are several of the lesser-known signs of a furnace that’s malfunctioning…

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How a UV Air Purifier Can Help Your Home

January 24th, 2022

UV-air-purifier-lightWe’ve always spent a great deal of time indoors during the winter months in Colorado Springs. Now we’re spending more time than ever indoors, even during the other months of the year. This makes it more important than ever to maintain the best indoor air quality in our homes, and special powerful air filters and air purifiers can help you achieve the goal of the cleanest, healthiest air possible for your family.

One of the most useful types of air purifiers is the UV air purifier, also known as a UV germicidal light. If your main concern about indoor air quality in your house is the spread of germs and the presence of mold, then installing a UV germicidal light in Colorado Springs, CO may be the right option for you. Our expert team can help you find out and then handle the installation.

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Understanding Air Filter Strength

January 10th, 2022

pleated-air-filterIf you’re interested in improving your indoor air quality in Colorado Springs, CO this year—and many people are—one of the first options you’ll look at is an air filtration system. Air filters are usually the start of any indoor air quality system, since they’re effective at taking care of many of the larger particles circulating through the air and don’t use any power the way air filtration systems do. They’re safe, affordable, and for many homes can do the full air cleaning job necessary. 

To help you understand how an air filtration system installation can work for your house, we’re going to discuss the measurement of filtration strength. Filters come in a wide range of strengths, from simple mesh filters you find in window ACs to powerful industrial filters used to protect clean rooms and hospitals. What will work for your home? You can trust our experts to help you answer this question.

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