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Air Purifiers in Colorado Springs, CO by Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning

Problems with your indoor air quality can range from those posing a serious threat to your health to others which are simply a nuisance. We don’t think that it really matters all that much which you are up against. We believe that any quality that does not completely satisfy you is simply not good enough. That is why we offer such a great selection of air purifiers and air purifier services throughout the area. If you want to clean up the air that you breathe in your home, but are unsure about how to do so, just call the experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning. We can find the right air purifier in Colorado Springs, CO for your unique situation.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning provides air purifiers and air purifier services in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for an appointment!

Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Your Needs

The first step to ensuring that you get everything you need from your air purifier is to choose the right air purifier for the job. While there may not be one single "best" air purifier, there is certainly one which best suits your HVAC system, as well as your individual indoor air quality needs. To choose your air purifier wisely, you need to know precisely what it is that you are dealing with. That is why you should work with the experts on our team.

If you are up against pollutants like dirt and dust, a simple air filter may suffice. Yes, there is an air filter in your HVAC system. However, it has a very low MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). A more efficient air filter may be needed to protect the quality of the air that you breathe, as opposed to just protecting your HVAC equipment. When an air filter is not enough, though, it is time to find the right air purifier for the job.

An electronic air cleaner is a great way in which to clean up the air that fills your home. An electrostatic precipitator, for instance, gives pollutants an electric charge. These pollutants then adhere to a collector plate, which is oppositely charged. You can wipe this plate clean, making such air purifiers incredibly convenient and effective.

Biological pollutants, on the other hand, do not remove pollutants from the air: they destroy them. Small, safe amounts of UV radiation are used in order to render mold, viruses and the like incapable of reproducing and thriving. Call to learn more about your air purification options in Colorado Springs.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to offer PurelyAire© Air Purifier products to our customers! These products keep your air clean using ion producing technology to trap contaminants. They can even trap viruses and bacteria! Call our team today for more info!

We Install and Service Air Purifiers

Let Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning install and service your UV air purifier. We know how vital it is that you breathe clean, pure air in your home. We also know that it sometimes takes considerable assistance to ensure that you are able to do so. Call the professional indoor air quality technicians on our team to ensure that you are using the right air purifier for the challenges that you face.