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3 Tips for Using Your AC’s Thermostat Efficiently

The operation of your home HVAC system relies on a lot of parts, but the one component you probably ever really think about is the thermostat. The thermostat serves two main purposes: detecting the temperature in the room and sending a signal to the AC when it is time to kick in again or shut off for the time being.

It may seem like a fairly simple device, but the way you use your thermostat has a major effect on your energy bills, your comfort, and the performance of your AC. Find a healthy balance between the three by following our tips for operating the AC efficiently while maintaining comfort.

Find an Efficient Temperature Everyone Can Agree on

When people in the home disagree on the temperature, the thermostat ends up getting readjusted over and over again. This uses a lot of energy, and you may actually save more by setting it to one single temperature while you are home (78 is highly recommended), raising this temperature at night, and allowing the automatic programming settings to do the rest.

Learn More about the Features of Your Thermostat

You’d be surprised about how often an air conditioning technician shows up to a repair job only to find that the air conditioner is actually running just fine—it’s the thermostat settings that are wrong. Learn just how your programmable thermostat works by reading the manual or try an online search for the model of your unit. You might find out that there are more options than you realize that can help you save money.


With older manual thermostats, you are much more likely to set it and then forget it. A programmable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature via a schedule for the week so that you don’t ever forget to shut it off before you leave for an 8-hour work day. And a smart thermostat just learns your weekly preferences itself, and you can make any adjustments from almost anywhere from your smart phone.

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