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Air Conditioning Installation Options For A Replacement

Monday, March 6th, 2023

The bad news is that your air conditioner needs to be replaced. The good news is that you’ve never had so many options for cooling your home. It’s quite possible that there’s a better option for cooling your home than the outdated AC that hasn’t been serving you well. 

The first step in any AC replacement is researching your options and knowing what you want. Let’s go over all of the options there are for cooling your home. We know that the thought of a new air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs is a stressful one but we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. 

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Thinking of Getting a New AC? Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Monday, August 9th, 2021

question-markIf your air conditioner is getting old, breaks down frequently, or you have a case of rising energy bills in the summer, it may be time to get a new air conditioner.

Buying a new AC may look like a tough job, but it can be easy with help from a professional HVAC Company in Colorado Springs, CO. With that in mind, we are presenting a short guide on all the important factors you should consider in your search for a new AC.

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What a “Split System” Air Conditioner Is

Monday, July 26th, 2021

air-conditioner-condenser-3D-renderMany homeowners buy an HVAC system for central air conditioning in Colorado Springs. Although we have intense winter weather, we can also experience summers that get quite hot. If you’ve lived in the area for even one summer, you know it can be difficult to stay indoors without good air conditioning to cool off you and your family.

When you’re looking to get a new AC, you have three main options: a packaged all-in-one system, a split system, or a ductless mini split. All three have their own pros and cons.

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Do Air Conditioner Efficiency Ratings Confuse You? We Can Help!

Monday, June 29th, 2020

woman-stressed-and-depressedYou’re probably not an expert at the technology of air conditioning systems. We don’t expect you to be—it’s a large field and it takes years of training to handle the extensive work involved in AC repair, installation, and other service work. We understand if you look at the stats on an air conditioner and feel a little bewildered. For example, what does a “5 Ton 15 SEER/11 EER R-410A refrigerant unit with a scroll compressor” mean?

There is a lot to unpack with that single example, but in this post, we’re going to look at the efficiency rating specifically, which is the “SEER” listed in that confusing set of stats. People shopping for a new air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs, CO, are often most interested in how energy-efficient an AC is. They want a system that will provide cooling but also lower energy use. A good goal, but navigating efficiency ratings can be tricky.

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All About HVAC Efficiency Ratings

Monday, September 25th, 2017

money-home-teeter-totterMany of us practice simple ways to save energy, fuel, and water every day. This includes things like turning off the lights when you leave a room, shutting off the water when you brush your teeth, and shutting down electronics that aren’t in use. In addition, you might have ways to reduce energy usage when it comes to your heating and air conditioning equipment, like turning the thermostat to an efficient temperature when it is not in use, and regularly changing the air filter.

Eventually, though, an air conditioning or heating system declines to the point that it’s no longer possible to use it efficiently. That’s when we recommend purchasing a new, high-efficiency system that will last you many years to come. We know that may require some guidance, but our experts are here to help!

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Why Sizing Is Important for New Air Conditioning Installation

Monday, August 28th, 2017

AC-Unit-Outside-SummerThere are a lot of misconceptions regarding air conditioning systems. For example, air conditioners don’t exactly create cool air, as you may think: they actually remove heat! Another common misconception is that air filters don’t need to be changed if your air quality hasn’t suffered, but this simply isn’t the case. And the misconception we’d like to focus on today is a big one, literally: that the size of an air conditioner doesn’t matter.

Many people believe that a bigger air conditioner is better, but a smaller air conditioner will do just fine, and this is a dangerous way of thinking. With the wrong air conditioner in place, your comfort and your bills will be affected. Read on to see what we mean!

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3 Signs You Need a Second Opinion from an Air Conditioning Technician

Monday, August 17th, 2015

At Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our work, our honesty, and our commitment to the craft. Unfortunately, not every technician can boast so much attention to detail and quality customer service. If your air conditioning technician makes any of the following mistakes, it may be time to seek a second opinion. Read on for more details.

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4 Things You Should Know about Installing a New Air Conditioner

Monday, July 6th, 2015

So you’ve decided it’s time to spring for a new air conditioner. This is a great choice for any homeowner spending way too much on energy costs or to repair a faulty system far too often. But the process is probably a little stressful if you’re just starting out. Here are some things you should know about installing a new air conditioner that may make the process go a lot more smoothly.

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How to Find an Efficient Air Conditioning System for New Installation

Monday, June 1st, 2015

If you are installing or replacing an air conditioner, the initial cost may be a key factor in whether or not you purchase a system. However, our experts recommend that you pay a little more attention to the efficiency rating of a system than the initial cost. There are usually financing options available for your AC, and the extra monthly cost of a low-quality system may not be worth the initial savings. Actually, an efficient system can eventually offset the price tag. Learn more about finding the most efficient system for your needs here.

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How Zone Control Benefits Your Heating and AC System

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Have you ever had an argument with a member of your household about the temperature in the home? Do you find yourself frequently adjusting the temperature throughout your home in an attempt to control only a single area? Does the size or shape of your home make it difficult to keep the entire house at a consistent temperature? A new zone control system may be for you.

What Is Zone Control?

Zone control allows you to control different areas of the home individually with separate thermostats, Installing zone control involves putting dampers into the ductwork leading out to various vents in the home. You can divide your home up into different zones which you would like to control, and each zone is wired with its own thermostat. When you adjust the temperature in a single zone, the dampers open and close to let air in or restrict airflow. There is also a master thermostat to control all of the zones at the same time.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Even Heating and Cooling – If you have trouble cooling and heating your home because of its unique architectural aspects or because it has several stories, zone control is the solution for you. If you want to heat a two-story home to 74 degrees, for example, it is much easier to do so in this way. Often, you have to raise the temperature to 75 or 76 just to keep the downstairs as warm as the upstairs, since heat naturally rises. But with separate thermostats in each area, the system is better able to make sure each zone is exactly 74.
  • Greater Comfort – Zone control allows everyone in the home to choose the temperature they want when they move to a different area.
  • Energy Savings – With zone control, you don’t have to run the air for longer throughout the home just to cool or heat a single area, which saves you money. You’ll also save money if you decide to shut off air to areas of the home that are unoccupied throughout the day.

Call the experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioning and heating service in Colorado Springs, and to discuss optional upgrades like new thermostats and a zone control system.

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