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5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Air Conditioning

When you run your air conditioner this summer, you are likely to notice the difference it makes for your bills. Air conditioning systems consume a lot of energy, but turning off the system completely is not the only way to save money this summer. Keep your bills a little bit lower by following these tips, and call an air conditioning technician in your area to learn more.

  • Replace Your Thermostat – If you are still dealing with the frustrations of adjusting the temperature in your home (one with dials instead of buttons, for example, or a slider to set the temperature), there’s a better way. You can switch out your older thermostat for a digital, programmable model even if you don’t need a new air conditioner. This allows you to change the settings throughout the day for maximum efficiency.
  • Change the Filter – This is one of the easiest ways to save money on your air conditioning this year. Changing the filter can help to keep air moving freely into the system, which is necessary for an air conditioner to maintain proper cooling levels. With a dirty filter, the parts have to work too hard to suck in air, raising your bills.
  • Raise the Temperature – We know that this may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people run their air conditioner for far longer than is necessary. Some people come home from work and turn the temperature down as far as it can go hoping it will cool the room faster. But this is not true; it will only run for longer and use more energy. Choose a temperature that is warm enough for comfort, and stick with that setting while you are home.
  • Schedule Maintenance – If you schedule maintenance with a trained professional, you’ll get a thorough tune-up that may actually improve the condition of your air conditioner, allowing it to run more efficiently.
  • Weatherize – Sealing up leaks around windows and doors and keeping the home closed up is one way to make sure your air conditioner does not need to run any longer than it should.

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