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How Best to Treat Your AC in a Heatwave

HVAC-ventWhile many people love the warm weather and appreciate a break from the cold, a true heatwave is always brutal. Sometimes, it gets so hot you can’t even stand being outside for more than a few minutes. 

At times like these, everyone appreciates air conditioning more than ever. However, it’s often over-used and sometimes neglected. Take action now to prevent overworking your AC, and reduce both the stress and the cost of air conditioning repair

Keep the Thermostat Higher

When the extreme heat hits, it’s always tempting to run the AC at the lowest temperature possible. Unfortunately, this puts significant strain on the system–turning the temperature down too low actually causes your cooling system to run longer, it doesn’t cool your home down any faster. Compromise by leaving the thermostat a little higher. 75-78 degrees is ideal. 

Keep Extra Heat Out

As much as you can, take advantage of natural shade. Close all blinds and shades and block as much sun from entering the house as possible. This keeps things cooler naturally, reducing the need for extra air conditioning. 

Use Fans

If you have a ceiling fan, keep it on as much as possible during a heat wave. Floor fans work as well – the point is to keep you as cool as possible. Fans don’t cool the air like many think, but they help you feel cooler! They the perspiration on your skin which helps you stay cooler, meaning you can turn your AC thermostat up a couple of degrees. 

Reduce Appliance Use

Hot appliances like ovens, stovetops, and microwaves heat your home as well as your food! On particularly hot days, it’s best to not use these appliances at all. If you must use them, try waiting for it to cool down in the evening.

Maintain Your AC

To avoid expensive air conditioning repair, it’s best to maintain your AC regularly. This means changing the air filter as required and scheduling maintenance in the spring, before the heat hits. 

If it wasn’t done in the spring, don’t hesitate. It’s never too late because it’s better to prevent damage than to have it fixed. Robbins Heating and Air Conditioning is here whenever you do need air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs, CO! 

Upgrade Your System 

Like anything, your AC unit wears down over time. As it becomes less powerful and efficient, it starts taking longer to cool your home. If your AC is older than ten years or so, it’s probably time for an upgrade. You’ll notice the difference right away. 

Take Care of Your AC

Your air conditioning is there for you even in the most intense heatwave. If you treat it right all the time and do your part to preserve it, it’ll stay at maximum performance when you need it most.

For all your AC needs, Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning serves Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Contact us today!

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