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How Zone Control Benefits Your Heating and AC System

Have you ever had an argument with a member of your household about the temperature in the home? Do you find yourself frequently adjusting the temperature throughout your home in an attempt to control only a single area? Does the size or shape of your home make it difficult to keep the entire house at a consistent temperature? A new zone control system may be for you.

What Is Zone Control?

Zone control allows you to control different areas of the home individually with separate thermostats, Installing zone control involves putting dampers into the ductwork leading out to various vents in the home. You can divide your home up into different zones which you would like to control, and each zone is wired with its own thermostat. When you adjust the temperature in a single zone, the dampers open and close to let air in or restrict airflow. There is also a master thermostat to control all of the zones at the same time.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Even Heating and Cooling – If you have trouble cooling and heating your home because of its unique architectural aspects or because it has several stories, zone control is the solution for you. If you want to heat a two-story home to 74 degrees, for example, it is much easier to do so in this way. Often, you have to raise the temperature to 75 or 76 just to keep the downstairs as warm as the upstairs, since heat naturally rises. But with separate thermostats in each area, the system is better able to make sure each zone is exactly 74.
  • Greater Comfort – Zone control allows everyone in the home to choose the temperature they want when they move to a different area.
  • Energy Savings – With zone control, you don’t have to run the air for longer throughout the home just to cool or heat a single area, which saves you money. You’ll also save money if you decide to shut off air to areas of the home that are unoccupied throughout the day.

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