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It’s Getting Warmer: Why You Should Schedule Air Conditioning Service Today

Chances are, you haven’t given your air conditioning system much thought lately. However, temperatures are warming up, and you definitely don’t want to get to the first hot day of the season to find yourself facing an air conditioner that needs repair—or worse, replacement. If you haven’t scheduled AC service at least within the last year, then you should do it today!

Why So Soon?

You might not need your air conditioner for another month, but even if that is the case, scheduling your AC service now means that you won’t have to rush to get repairs done in the heat of summer, when most HVAC technicians are busy with multiple emergency calls. During your service call, your HVAC technician will conduct a thorough inspection: checking electrical systems, cleaning parts, and more. It’s while doing this that they can spot anything that needs repair or replacement. It’s best to tackle recommended repairs immediately, in order to avoid expensive repairs later.

What Are the Benefits of Routine Maintenance?

Routine upkeep helps your air conditioner run well throughout its entire lifespan. Lack of maintenance, on the other hand, leads to premature system failure. Regular maintenance helps protect the inside components of your system from excessive wear and tear, since your HVAC technician will thoroughly clean and check coils, fan blades, and various other components of your AC.

Routine maintenance also helps you save money. Whether you choose to have maintenance done annually or semi-annually, this regular service helps lower your utility bills, and helps fend off costly emergency repairs. Plus with our program, we offer a 15% discount on repairs, making the cost of a maintenance agreement well worth it.

Contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule a maintenance appointment in Colorado Springs, CO and take advantage of our current spring air conditioning tune up special today!

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