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No, It’s Not Too Late for AC Maintenance!

air-conditioning-manometer-pressure-refrigerantTo ensure you have air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO that won’t let you down during the coming summer, you need to arrange to have the unit maintained. Professionally maintained. There are a few basic maintenance steps you can handle your own, such as regularly changing the air filter, but the bulk of the work requires technicians with training and licensing. Maintenance takes around an hour and involves complex checks and tune-ups with specialized equipment.

We recommend our customers have maintenance in the spring. It’s still spring now, and even with warm weather already arriving in Colorado Springs, it’s not too late to arrange for our technicians to handle maintenance for your house’s AC. In fact, it’s ideal. 

But even if it were already far into summer, you never want to miss out on maintenance for your air conditioner. Scheduling it later is better than skipping it, because missed maintenance can have some steep consequences:

An early retirement for the air conditioner

To get the best return on your investment in household cooling, you want the central AC to last for as long as possible. With steady annual maintenance, you can often get an air conditioner to 15 years without seeing a drop in efficiency or performance. But without maintenance, you may have to send the AC to the scrap yard far earlier—possible as early as 7 years!

Money wasted on low efficiency

Leaving an air conditioner to run and run without regular attention to clean it, lubricate moving parts, make adjustments, and spot early repair issues will cause the system to deteriorate. It’s like any other mechanical device: it will have to work harder when it’s declining. You’ll start paying more each year to run the air conditioner, something you can easily avoid with spring maintenance.

Too many calls to the repair technicians

We love our customers, but we understand that you probably don’t want our repair technicians visiting your house on the regular because the AC keeps breaking down. One of the best services that maintenance provides is prevention: the majority of repairs an AC may need during its lifespan can be prevented with maintenance.

Uncertain summers

Do you want to worry during a pleasant summer in Colorado Springs that your air conditioner is on the verge of collapsing when you need it the most? No, of course not. The same way you wouldn’t want to worry about your car failing you when you’re on a long trip. Maintenance makes breakdowns a rare occurrence, and that makes your summers more relaxing.

Voided warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty on your air conditioner isn’t something you want to lose. It protects you from paying to repair or replace an air conditioner due to a fault from the factory. But most warranties will only stay in force if the air conditioner has regular maintenance. Please keep your warranty in good standing with routine check-ups and tune-ups!

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Schedule AC maintenance with the Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning team today. Serving Colorado Springs and the surrounding area since 1970.

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