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Why Choose Ductless Air Conditioning?

As a homeowner, you are probably aware of the fact that there are a number of different air conditioning systems available for installation in your place of residence. In fact, there are so many options available to the modern homeowner that it can actually be a bit daunting just to choose which is the best fit for both your home and for your cooling habits. One system that is well worth your consideration is the ductless mini split. If you’d like to learn more about ductless air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO, read on and remember that Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning is the company to call for quality ductless AC services throughout the area.

One of the great benefits that ductless air conditioners have to offer is, of course, the fact that no air ducts are needed in its unique operation. Rather than distributing cool air throughout your home via a system of air ducts, ductless mini splits utilize individual, wall-mounted blowers to cool your home. These blowers are connected to a single outdoor unit, generally, and are individually controlled. Because of this, you can cool different areas of your home to different temperatures. Not only does this ensure that everyone in the household is comfortable, but it also helps you to cool your home in a more efficient manner.

The fact that ductless air conditioners do not use air ducts also means that you don’t have to worry about damaged or leaky ductwork. This further ensures that you are cooling your home with minimal energy expenditure. It also helps to maintain high indoor air quality levels, as you won’t have to worry about airborne pollutants making their way into damaged air ducts.

Additionally, ductless mini splits can utilize heat pump technology in order to reverse their mode of operation. This allows you to heat your home during the winter and to cool it during the summer with one efficient, convenient system.

To further discuss the benefits of ductless air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO, contact the air conditioning experts on the Robbins Heating & Air team.

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