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Install UV Lights to Prevent Illness

As the weather changes, it seems like the people in your family always seem to get sick. This is when allergens in the air multiply, and there may also be more germs in the air along with them. If your forced-air heater and air conditioning system has a filter, you have some form of protection from contaminants, but it’s probably not enough.

Air Filters Have Limitations

The air filter was not originally designed to make you any healthier, really. At first, engineers put in filters because, without one, debris from the air in your home could get into the AC system and damage it. Today, we’ve made air filters more effective at getting tiny particles out of the air. However, some of the smallest particles in the air can still get through and into the HVAC system.

There Are More Advanced Filters

There do exist filters and filtration systems that have tightly woven material with a larger surface area to trap more of the contaminants in the air. However, if you choose too powerful a filter, it might not be able to allow the right of airflow through! This could mean trouble for your AC system and for your comfort.

Some of the Worst Contaminants Are the Smallest

Bacteria, viruses, and other living things are often small enough to slip through the filter and make their way into the air you breather. Getting rid of these involves more than a filter. You need a system that sterilizes the microorganisms so that they are no longer harmful to your health.

UV Light Systems Work

Ultraviolet light systems can be installed in your HVAC system so that all of the bacteria and viruses that pass through the system are sterilized—killed and unable to reproduce.

This can help to prevent illnesses from starting, and ease symptoms of preexisting conditions. Used in hospitals around the world, UV lights are excellent options for those with immune system disorders and other serious illness.

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