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5 Reasons Your AC’s Fan Isn’t Working

air-conditioner-plastic-grillThe indoor fan for your central air conditioning system is not only how the AC sends cooled air around the house. It’s also how the AC moves warm air brought from the living spaces across the evaporator coils to cool it down. Without a working fan, you have no cool air and no way to deliver any air to the rooms.

If you have an air conditioning in Colorado Springs, CO with a non-working fan, it may be time to call for repairs. After all, you can’t go long during the hot late summer days without a cooling system for your house. However, the problem might be a simple error. Below we’ve listed the five most common reasons for a failed central AC fan. Looking over these will help you know when it’s time to call our team to repair the system.

#1 – Tripped circuit breaker

Before doing anything else when the fan stops running, go to the electrical panel for the house. Check the circuit for the air conditioner. If it’s tripped, reset it and try the fan again. Sometimes the fan motor can overload the circuit, especially if the HVAC filter is clogged. (Check on that and change it for a clean one if necessary.) If the circuit breaker continues to trip, call for professionals.

#2 – Burnt-out motor

The blower fan motor is one of the hardest-working components in an air conditioner, since it not only runs when the AC is on, but during the periods between when the AC compressor shuts down. If the motor overheats, it will cause the wiring in the casing to fuse and the motor will burn out. The motor will need to be replaced. If the AC is an older one (more than 10 years), this may be a sign to have the entire system replaced.

#3 – Contactor trouble

This is a specific and smaller problem in the blower fan motor. This electrical switch opens and closes the current to the motor. If it becomes dirty over time, it won’t be able to close fully and the fan won’t activate when it’s supposed to. A contactor may also go bad. Repair technicians can clean or replace the contactor.

#4 – Failed capacitors

Another key component for the operation of the fan motor is the capacitors. These parts act as temporary batteries that regulate the flow of voltage to the motor. One capacitor starts the motor and the other sends regular voltage to keep it running. Capacitors wear out with time, and often need to be replaced before the end of the life of the air conditioning system.

#5 – Damage to the fan from loose parts or debris

The fan can come loose or sustain damage from debris that gets into the housing. This is more likely to happen if the air filter is so clogged that it stretches and allows objects to slip around the sides. If you heard rattling and clanging from the fan before it stopped working, this is probably what has happened. Have technicians inspect it to see what can be done to repair the fan.

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