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March Means It’s Time to Think About AC Maintenance

AC-technician-maintenanceIf you’ve lived in Colorado Springs through at least one winter season, you know that the arrival of March is no guarantee that the weather will just keep getting warmer as we move into spring. Nonetheless, it is the right time to think about your air conditioning system. You may not need to run the AC for a while yet, but now is when you should start getting it prepared. 

How do you do that? By scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO with our technicians.

Does this need to be done every year?

Yes, if you want to get the best performance and longest service life from your AC. We assume you do. Nobody wants an air conditioner that costs more to run, loses cooling power, has extra repair problems, breaks down frequently, and then expires years early. You don’t invest in central cooling to have all that go wrong. You deserve to have an AC you can rely on to run when you need it and not unnecessarily drain your pocketbook—and you want to delay replacing it for as many years as you can.

Maintenance is the best way to assure you receive the all-around best from your central air conditioning system. It isn’t a guarantee that the air conditioning system will run the best it can all the time, but it’s the closest thing to a guarantee. And we can guarantee the air conditioner will run worse without maintenance. The wear and tear placed on the unit will see to that. 

What exactly does maintenance do for my AC?

Plenty! We can’t speak for all contractors, but we can speak for our own maintenance program, the Residential Energy Savings Agreement, and our skilled technicians. We have thorough procedures we go through when we come to your house for AC maintenance. We carefully inspect the unit and handle a range of tune-ups, adjustments, and cleanings. Here is only a small sample of what we do with your AC:

  • Check the refrigerant pressure. This alerts us to any leaks in the refrigerant lines, which will threaten the whole AC if allowed to continue.
  • Clean and adjust the blower components. The blower does a huge amount of work for the AC because it’s what sends air through the unit and then into the ductwork to the rooms. The blower needs to be in top condition.
  • Tighten electrical connections. The majority of repairs for an AC are electrical; this tune-up step can head off many of them.
  • Adjust thermostat calibration so you’ll know the thermostat is reading temperatures in the house accurately.
  • Clean the condenser coil, which is the outside refrigerant coil that releases the heat drawn from the house. 
  • Clean the condensate drain. Problems with this drain contribute to many AC shutdowns.
  • Lubricate all moving parts—mainly the motors—to lower friction and prevent motor burnout. 

There’s much more, and you’ll also receive special membership benefits. The short of it is that you’ll have an AC in great shape before the summer comes, and you’ll spend less money on the extra expenses that come with an AC that’s not in great shape.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance this month! Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning serves Colorado Springs and the surrounding area.

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