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The Question of AC Size: Why It’s Critical for a New System

air-conditioning-repair-toolsMany homeowners use spring to have a new air conditioning system installed in their homes. It’s the ideal season to get this job done: the new system will be ready to go before the first serious hot days arrive, and technicians can get the installation done during a time when a home doesn’t need cooling. Technicians have less busy schedules during spring, so it’s easier to find a convenient appointment for the new installation. 

And it is important to have professionals handle an air conditioning installation in Colorado Springs, CO. Amateurs often make errors because they lack the proper training and always try to find ways to do the job as cheaply as possible. This is why amateurs frequently install air conditioners that are the wrong size for homes. Sizing a new air conditioner is an essential part of installation, as we’ll explain. Our technicians will make sure you have the right AC for your house. 

What the “Size” of an AC Means

The size of an air conditioner doesn’t refer to how big or heavy it is. It’s a measure of its cooling capacity—how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat the system can remove from a space. The standard measurement for AC size is tons, where 1 ton = 12,000 BTUs. Most central air conditioning systems for homes have between 4 to 10 tons of cooling capacity.

The Trouble With the Undersized AC

When an air conditioner isn’t powerful enough to cool the space it’s supposed to cool, it results in two problems. First, the air conditioner won’t be able to provide the cooling necessary for comfort. It may cool down a few rooms, but not the whole house. Second, the AC will run in extremely long cycles as it attempts to meet a temperature setting it cannot reach. This results in huge electrical bills and a system that wears down quickly. 

The Trouble With the Oversized AC

It’s more common for amateurs to put in an air conditioner that’s too powerful for a house. They think that going too large won’t be a serious problem—and many homeowners might believe the same. “Well, I’ll just turn the thermostat down lower,” they’ll think. But an oversized AC is still a major problem. Because the air conditioner will lower the temperature too fast, the thermostat will register incorrectly that the AC has finished cooling the whole house and shut the cooling cycle off early. The AC will then turn back on a short time later, only to turn back off again, and over and over.

This is called short-cycling, and it’s not only a massive power waste, but it places extra strain on the AC’s components that will lead to multiple repairs and an early replacement. The abbreviated cooling cycles will also not allow enough time for cooling to spread evenly around the house.

Make sure you get your new air conditioning system off to the right start: call our experts to arrange to install the system. We take special care to accurately size any HVAC unit we install.

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