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When Is an AC Repair a Real Emergency?

man-with-fanDuring stressful times, you don’t want to have yet another major problem dropped into your schedule. A broken air conditioning system counts for most people as a “major problem” during the summer, and if you have an air conditioner that isn’t providing the level of comfort your household requires, you will probably need to call us for air conditioning repair in Colorado Springs, CO.

The question we’re tackling here is how urgent the repair need is. When do you make an emergency AC call to a contractor (like us) who offers 24-hour service to fix air conditioners? When is the problem that immediate? We’ll get into this more below.

First—make certain to go through basic troubleshooting

When you have a non-working AC, either blowing out warm air or not running at all, there are a few basic checks to make that could explain the problem. Make sure the air filter is clean. See if any circuit breakers have tripped. Check the thermostat settings. Clear away debris from the outdoor cabinet. These troubleshooting steps apply to any AC problem, because you may not actually have a problem.

If you think it’s urgent, treat it as urgent

Moving on to figuring out if an AC problem is an emergency … You don’t have to think too hard about it if you feel you have an emergency. You may not have a major problem on your hands, but this isn’t a case where you want to wager on doing nothing. It’s much better to be cautious and have the technicians out as soon as possible. So if you think it’s an emergency, treat it like one.

How much cooling jeopardy are you in?

If the air conditioning system breaks down at a time when it isn’t as necessary to keep the house cool, then you might just schedule a repair for regular hours. If the trouble with the AC is a low level of cooling, or if it hasn’t lost significant cooling but it’s behaving oddly (making strange noises, starting and stopping too often), you can probably also make a standard repair call. Please note that we’re not saying you should delay those repairs! You should call at the earliest convenience.

Hidden emergencies

There are some air conditioning problems that don’t seem like emergency problems, but are. Troubles with the AC’s compressor are the main ones to watch for. If the compressor has trouble starting, or you hear loud noises coming from it, shut off the air conditioner and call right away for help. A failed compressor often means the whole air conditioner needs to be replaced, so catching the compressor when it can still be repaired is important.

We’re here with 24-hour help

It’s our job to get your cooling in shape, and we offer 24-hour repair service because we know how inconvenient air conditioning problems can be. If you think you need help, call us, no matter the day of the week or the time of day. Always better to be safe when it comes to your vital home cooling.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning provides air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, and commercial services in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas. Call us for 24-hour emergency AC service.

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