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When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner?

old-acWell, gee, you may be thinking,  if my quizzes in school were this simple, I’d have been a straight-A student! I’ll replace it when breaks down,  of course! Well, if that’s the answer that you’d give us, then we’d flunk you right out of our classroom! Okay, so we’d probably just politely explain to you why that is not the proper course of action, but you get the point. We understand the inclination, but you definitely shouldn’t wait for a complete breakdown before replacing your AC.

When you need to have your AC replaced (or any other HVAC service in Colorado Springs, CO), we are definitely the company to call. And we know that you want to get the best span of service possible from your AC, but we are going to help you to understand how to do so without putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Replacing a bit early is far preferable to waiting around for a replacement in sweltering heat! 

Yes, Age Does Matter

However, the age of your air conditioner is not necessarily the deciding factor that you may think it is. This is true for 2 reasons. First of all, there are instances in which a newer model may justify a replacement. Second of all, there are plenty of older air conditioners out there that are performing valiantly well beyond their expected lifespan. Your system won’t self-destruct when it reaches a certain point.

All that being said, the age of your system is, if not the deciding factor, then an important influencer when it comes to deciding on an AC replacement or not. It is best to keep age in mind in relation to a few other points of consideration. Those include the following.

Energy Efficiency Is a Major Player

Like we said, there are instances in which even newer systems may be good candidates for replacement. Consider, for instance, a relatively low-efficiency system that you inherited when you bought your home. You’re not going to not buy a home based on that. But you may plan on replacing the system with a more efficient one once you’re settled in. That allows for long-term savings.

As we also said, age is an influencing factor, and this is definitely evident when considering efficiency. It’s possible that your system was once top of the line and still performs admirably. However, it may have been manufactured at a time when efficiency standards were simply not what they are today. You may also have a system that used to be quite efficient, but has lost some of that capability over the years.

Ask Yourself This—Are You Satisfied?

Do you have a central AC but wish you had a heat pump? Do you have a heat pump but really want a ductless system? There is the “grass is always greener” syndrome to be aware of. However, if you’re certain about what you want, then why not make the change? This is especially a good idea if age means that you’ll be replacing your old air conditioner soon anyway. Get the system that you want—you deserve it!

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