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How Do I Scale Back Cooling Costs (but Not My Comfort)?

man-with-fanOkay, so you are not entirely pleased with the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Simply put, those energy bills are just getting a bit too much for comfort. So what do you do?  You could replace your air conditioner with a more efficient model—if you had the money to do so, which you don’t. You suppose that leaves you with just one option. Run the air conditioner less, and just put up with the discomfort that results from that decision.

No! Don’t do that. We are not here to pitch you a new AC that is both cheap enough for you to afford and incredibly efficient (though we are,  of course,  happy to help you find one if you’re ready!). We are here to share some simple tips regarding ways in which you can enjoy a more efficient performance from your existing air conditioning system, though. That way, you won’t have to compromise when it comes to your comfort or when you run your air conditioning in Woodland Park, CO.

You Want Simple? How About Drawing the Curtains!

Yes, it may sound simple. That’s because it is. The fact that it is simple does not mean that it doesn’t work, though. Now, we are not suggesting that you sit around in the dark with the shades drawn all day like some kind of hermit. You’re probably not at home all day long, though, right? And do you remember to pull the shades shut before leaving the house?

During the hottest time of most days, you are probably at work/on your way back home. Leaving the shades drawn when the house is empty can really help to eliminate heat gain throughout the day, and since the house is empty it won’t even create a sad or lonely living environment. And hey, if you like sitting in the dark all day, that’s just fine too!

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Again, it sounds simple. A lot of people fail to realize, however, that running their ceiling fans along with their air conditioning systems is not the waste of energy that it may seem. Why not? Because ceiling fans use a lot less electricity, and they allow you to take some of the strain off of your AC.

You see, your ceiling fans obviously don’t cool the air. They do help to keep the air cooled by your AC moving around the house, though. That helps you to live more comfortably, and it takes some of the demand off of your AC.

Schedule Maintenance and Change Your Filter

There is no getting around it. Annual maintenance is an absolute must if you really hope to enjoy the very best performance that your air conditioning system has to offer. This is in terms of both performance and efficiency levels. We’ll keep your system in great working condition so that you can use it efficiently.

Be sure to change your air filter as needed, too, for an extra performance and efficiency boost. You can’t just have it done once a year during annual maintenance if you hope to get the most from your system.

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