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Has Your Furnace Lived Up to Expectations This Winter?

natural-gas-furnaceWeather isn’t done with us yet in Colorado Springs, but we’re now in the latter half of the season. Your furnace has already handled many days of keeping back the cold weather and warming your house. As you start to look ahead toward the warmer months, now is a good time to give some thought to your furnace and how well it’s worked for you this winter. 

The big question to ask: “Has my furnace lived up to expectations this year?” We’ll go more into this question below so you can get a better idea of your furnace’s condition and future.

The Question of Uneven Heating

A furnace’s performance isn’t only a matter of hot air coming from the vents whenever it turns on. A quality furnace should spread heating evenly throughout a home. There’ll always be some fluctuations in rooms because of factors like insulation, windows, and location. But you shouldn’t notice actual cold spots in the house in any place with a connection to the ventilation system. 

Uneven heating like this is an early warning sign that’s something is wrong with the furnace. If the furnace is still young enough to be under warranty, this kind of problem usually calls for furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO. For an older furnace, such as a gas furnace over 15 years old, uneven heating is often a sign the heater is in its final decline and needs to be replaced. 

How Simple Is It to Get the Heat You Need?

Ideally, you can set the thermostat in your house to a single setting during the day and another at night and that will take care of your comfort needs. If you find that you have to keep fiddling with the thermostat to find the right temperature—swinging between too hot and too cold—then something’s either wrong with the thermostat or with the furnace. You shouldn’t be fighting with the furnace to get a steady comfortable temperature. 

Odd Behavior From the Furnace

Always pay attention to anything your furnace does that’s out of the ordinary. People often ignore these furnace idiosyncrasies if they don’t appear to affect the system’s heating power. But oddities like strange sounds, different colored burner flames, or a furnace that’s turning on and off too frequently are red flags that something is wrong. The furnace may need repairs.

A Higher Cost of Heating

A good measurement of how well your furnace is doing is how much it costs you to run. You can expect to pay more to run your furnace when the cost of natural gas rises, or if you have more people staying in your house. When your furnace becomes more costly to operate and you don’t have an explanation for it, that’s a furnace that’s failing expectations. We recommend calling our technicians to look into the furnace and see what may be wrong with it. 

If your furnace has fallen behind expectations in any way or started to do strange things, make an appointment with our team.

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