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How Zone Control Helps You in the Heating Season

Have the temperature settings on your thermostat ever sparked a disagreement between your family members? Do you feel like you waste energy heating the whole house when you are only occupying a single room or zone of the home? Is it difficult to heat up certain areas of the home, such as downstairs rooms or areas with high ceilings and lots of windows?

These are all issues that a zone control system may solve! A zone control system allows you to control individual zones of the home without affecting the temperature throughout the house. It also allows you to achieve more accurate whole-home temperature control. Dampers open and close in the ducts in order to allow for better control of a single area of the home. Here’s why we recommend that people with larger multi-family homes consider professional zone control system installation.

  • Fewer disagreements: Most homeowners share the experience of household members or guests disagreeing about whether the temperature in the home is too warm or not warm enough. Zone control puts a thermostat in different areas of the home so that you won’t have to worry about this issue so often; the disagreeing family member can always move to another room!
  • Better efficiency: When all of the family members are asleep upstairs, you can lower the temperature on the downstairs thermostats in order to save some money. This is just one of the ways a zone control system helps with energy efficiency.
  • Greater accuracy: In larger homes, it is more difficult to heat the downstairs rooms, and any rooms with high ceilings, expansive windows, or poor insulation. Your zone control system can heat these rooms more accurately since the heater can sense when a room requires more heat, even if the rest of the home does not.

Installing a zone control system is not a simple task. Call your local Colorado Springs, CO technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today for zone heating installation or to get more information about the process.

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