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Improve Winter Efficiency and Get Money Back

If your heater is due for a replacement, you may dread the cost of a new system. However, replacing your heating system with a more efficient model may allow you to take advantage of special offers like utility rebates and federal tax credits. Besides, you’ll save some money each and every month with a high-efficiency heater.

There are other ways to save money on your heating bills as well, and changes around the home and to your heating system may also help you to save money with the help of Colorado Springs Utilities. Read on to learn more!

Upgrade Your Heating System and Save

Replacing your heating system is a hassle, and, of course, it won’t come cheap. Luckily, most heating companies allow you to apply for financing, and easy monthly payments help to make the cost a lot less overwhelming. You may be surprised by the total energy savings with a new high-efficiency unit, which may be thousands of dollars a year!

Besides, utility rebates are available for qualifying upgrades in the Colorado Springs area. For example, you can get $250 back on a qualifying purchase of a new gas furnace, as long as it is ENERGY STAR certified and the installation meets all additional requirements.

Other Ways to Save

There are other ways to make your home operate more efficiently if you’re not quite ready to upgrade your heater. Check out some of our quick tips!

  • Tuning your heater – Schedule an appointment with a maintenance technician before the season starts to get your heating system running smoothly for winter.
  • Changing a filter – Change your filter once every month for maximum airflow.
  • Setting the thermostat efficiently – The Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat to no more than 68° for heating.

Call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for your new heater in Colorado Springs, CO, and we’ll help you take advantage of rebates and other special offers.

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