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Is Your Heating System Prepared to Operate for the Fall?

Slowly but surely, the cooler weather is making its way to our area. Soon we will shut off our air conditioners and rely on the warmth of our furnaces and boilers for comfort. Will your heater be up for the task? It is possible that your heating system suffered some damage during a period of vacation, and that it needs to be cleaned out and adjusted before you run it. It’s also possible that a looming safety issue puts your gas heater at risk. How can you prepare for the cooler weather?

Clean Your Air Filter

One of the most important things you can do before running your heater is to change the filter. Of course, this is only a concern for forced air heating systems (like furnaces and heat pumps) that use an air filter to protect the system and keep your air as clean as possible. Changing the filter regularly allows for adequate airflow into the system so that it does not run into mechanical issues.

Give Your Heater a Test Run

Run your system before the heating season begins so that you can determine whether you have to make any repairs before you really need your heater working. Turn it off immediately if you smell gas, and call an expert if you suspect a leak. Make sure that the heater runs properly and that it’s not struggling to start up or provide adequate heat. Running the heater beforehand can help you spot major problems that need immediate attention, but it’s no substitute for professional maintenance.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Scheduling heating system maintenance with a trained professional each year before the heating season begins is just as important as changing the filter. A tune-up of your system allows everything to run smoothly so that you can save on monthly utilities and so that your heater provides the comfort you need. And an inspection of the unit will alert you to safety and repair issues before you really need your unit.

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