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Maintaining Your Heating System for Safety and Efficiency

Don’t let your heating system go on for any longer without the maintenance it needs to run as safely and efficiently as possible. We’ve got some advice that any homeowner should follow to gain peace of mind when operating a gas heater (like a furnace or boiler).

Change the Filter

A clogged heating filter can cause the furnace to overheat. It also restricts airflow enough that a furnace with a clogged filter will be a lot less efficient. Changing the filter is such a simple task that helps keep a heater running a lot more smoothly.

Keep the Heat at a Reasonable Temperature

Avoid turning the heat up too high if you want to keep bills as low as possible. In addition, you slow wear and tear on the heater. Many people are comfortable at a temperature of about 68°F or a few degrees more if you there are small kids in the home or elderly residents.

Get a good programmable thermostat so you can ensure the temperature is always where you want it. And when you are away, lower the temperature by about 10°F so that you save even more.

Have Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the Home

A carbon monoxide alarm in the home alerts you when a dangerous CO leak threatens your home. It will not, however, prevent carbon monoxide from leaking. Be sure you have CO detectors throughout the home, test the alarm once a month, and replace the batteries every six months.

Schedule Professional Heating Maintenance

The best way to know your heater is safe and efficient is with a professional heating maintenance visit. A heating technician can assess potential hazards with the accuracy that only comes with years of experience and training. Get a heating maintenance visit each and every year, which includes a safety inspection and a tune-up that may help to boost efficiency.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning offers heating inspections, tune-ups, and more to homeowners in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Call us today!

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