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The Steps of a Professional Heating System Tune Up

Have you thought about the state of your heating system recently? Your heater works hard to keep you warm all winter long, which means parts may wear down and reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of your unit. You can prevent this from happening by scheduling a heating system tune-up from a skilled contractor every year. A heating system tune-up can help reduce your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, and ensure that you need few repairs over the years. It can also improve the performance of your heating system. In this guide, we’ll go over the steps of professional heating maintenance so that you can feel confident that scheduling your next heating tune-up with an experienced technician is well worth the time.

Full Inspection

The first step of a heating system tune-up is a thorough inspection of all of the major and minor components. This includes starting the unit to check for proper ignition capabilities monitoring the flue draft and checking for any leaks, and measuring the voltage. Besides inspecting your issue for proper operation they will also look for any safety concerns. A cracked heat exchanger may leak carbon monoxide into the home, a health hazard you cannot afford to ignore. Technicians will check any safety controls as well and look for any signs of gas leaks.

Cleaning and Adjustment

Additionally, a heating system tune-up involves some cleaning and any adjustments that can be made on site. Technicians will lubricate all moving parts, adjust the thermostat if necessary, and tighten any electrical connections. Finally, they may also clean and adjust the burner assembly, blower components, ignition assembly, and may change or clean your furnace filter, although you should also change this yourself every 1-3 months.

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