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When to Be Concerned About Your Furnace

hello-winterNothing would make us happier than to tell you that we can install a furnace and, with our careful care and maintenance offerings, keep it from ever running into operational problems. This is just not the reality of the situation, though. The fact is that you will need furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO, at some point. It may not be precisely when you expect it, though. Some problems are not as major as they may seem.

Now, that being said, we’ve repaired plenty of furnaces that suffered serious damages because the owner of that furnace managed to downplay the nature of the problem so much. You want to strike a happy medium, where you’re not freaking out about problems with easy fixes but not misjudging those problems that could lead to serious trouble. It can be trickier than it sounds, though. That’s why we’ve put together a basic primer of when to be worried about your furnace.

Your Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air

Okay, this one is a pretty obvious problem. Your furnace, after all, is there for just one purpose. That purpose is to heat your home. That means that the failure to heat your home and blowing cool air throughout your home is a failure of the most fundamental kind on the behalf of your furnace.

It may not be quite the failure that you think it is, though. Yes, your furnace may have leaks in its ductwork or issues with its combustion of fuel. It’s also possible, though, that you’ve accidentally set it to “fan-only” mode. Make sure that everything is set properly before contacting a member of our team.

Your Furnace Won’t Start Up

Is your furnace failing to come on at all when the temperature in your home gets uncomfortably cool? Okay, that’s obviously a major problem. Again, though, it may not be quite the problem that you think it is. Yes, the furnace may have a wiring issue. It may have a faulty thermostat.

However, again, you may have accidentally set the thermostat incorrectly. If the activation point is lower than you meant to set it, then the system won’t come on when you start to feel uncomfortable. You may also just need to reset the circuit that the furnace runs on at the breaker.

Your Furnace Smells Like Gas or Burning

If you ever smell gas in your house, get out and contact the appropriate authorities. That’s all we have to say about this one. It is not worth the risk to explore other causes of the odor. Always treat the situation seriously. Gas leaks are dangerous.

If you smell burning when you first turn on the furnace for the year, it may just be the result of dust burning up in the combustion chamber or off of the heating coil. However, it could also be the result of bad wiring. If the odor persists, then you should contact us to make sure that the problem is nothing serious.

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