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4 Indoor Air Quality Tips for the Heating Season

In the fall, allergies and asthma can act up just as they do in the spring, since temperatures begin to drop and new particles can move through your heating system and circulate around in the air in your home. Control common indoor air quality issues with a few tips from our experts.

  • Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Today’s heating systems have multiple safety devices in place to prevent issues that could affect your health, like gas or carbon monoxide detectors. But a carbon monoxide leak is a possibility for any heating system that uses combustion to provide heat. Make sure a carbon monoxide leak never puts your family members in harm’s way by testing detectors regularly. If there are no detectors in place, you should have some installed on every floor of the home.
  • Change Your Air Filter: This is another relatively simple task that can not only improve your indoor air quality system but also the state of your heating and cooling system. Filter out particles that circulate through your air, and reduce blockage to your airflow, making your heating and cooling system perform better and more efficiently.
  • Install an Indoor Air Quality System: Adding in a separate indoor air quality system, like a UV air purifier or an air filtration system, can get even more particles out of the air you breathe.
  • Ventilate: Winter brings a particular challenge when it comes to ventilation. It can be difficult to get any fresh air into your home, since opening a window could greatly decrease the efficiency of your heating system, and make you a lot less comfortable. But an energy recovery ventilator or heat recovery ventilator lets in fresh air without significant heat loss. It lets stale indoor air out, and transfers its heat to the fresh incoming air for minimal energy loss.

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