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Your Guide to Installing a New Gas Furnace

You’re ready to install a new gas furnace, but first you’ll have to do a bit of research. We’d like to make that part of the process a little bit easier for you. Here, we offer some of our best advice on what to look for when you’re searching for a new gas furnace.

Check the AFUE Rating

The AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating gives you an indication of how efficient your heating system is, and a higher AFUE is ideal. Some energy is lost as a certain amount of heat escapes during the combustion process through the flue. The AFUE rating is a percentage of how much of the energy actually goes toward heating up the air. So, an AFUE of 90 indicates that 10% of the energy used for heating escapes elsewhere, while 90% is used in an efficient way. Furnaces that are several decades old usually have an AFUE of about 50-65. Today’s furnaces have minimum AFUE ratings of 78, and a few are rated over 97.

Today’s Systems Have Even Greater Efficiency

A high-efficiency furnace is an excellent choice for any homeowner living in an area with very cold winters. But a high-efficiency two-stage or modulating furnace offers even more efficiency and performance benefits. Two-stage furnaces adjust the fan blower speed as needed, as well as the amount of gas that comes in, switching between a higher and lower setting. A modulating furnace can do even more, continuously adjusting the heat for the greatest possible temperature accuracy and home comfort, staying within one or two degrees of the presets.

Choose a Professional

When it comes to installing a new gas furnace, the most important thing is that you leave the job to professionals. Choosing the right person to install and service your furnace makes the difference in how efficiently it runs and how effectively it heats. One that is even slightly too small or large can struggle, which is why you should work with experts from the very beginning.

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