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Choosing the Right Air Purifier

You may think that pollution is only a problem when you are out and about the town. The fact is, though, that the air in your home may be just as, if not more, polluted than that in your backyard. Depending on a number of different factors, your indoor air quality may be far from what we’d consider ideal. The good news is that Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning has the air purification products that you need to breathe the clean, pure air that you deserve. The better news is that we also have the information you need to ensure that you use the right air purifier in Colorado Springs, CO for the job. Only with the right tools can you right the wrongs done to your air quality by different pollutants.

One of the simplest ways in which to clean up the air in your home is with an air filtration system. Mechanical air filters, such as the one in your HVAC system, trap pollutants in the air as it passes through a fibrous material. In many instances, though, such air filters are just not enough to truly improve the quality of the air that you breathe in your house. In such instances, more sophisticated air purifiers may be necessary.

An electronic air purifier, for instance, can pull air into an ionization chamber, where the pollutants in that air are given an electric charge. An oppositely charged collector plate will trap these pollutants on its surface, and the plate is removed for easy cleaning. While this is very effective for the removal of airborne pollutants in your home, it is not an appropriate method for dealing with biological pollutants.

Viruses, mold, bacteria, and other biological pollutants cannot simply be filtered out of the air. Even if they are trapped in a filter, they can continue to thrive and to reproduce. A UV air purifier, on the other hand, will render these pollutants unable to do so, using small amounts of UV radiation in order to destroy them.

To guarantee that you are using the right air purifier in Colorado Springs, CO, call the experts at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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