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Keep Your Heating System and Your Family Safe with a Pre-Season Maintenance Visit

If your home uses a natural-gas powered furnace or boiler to provide warmth during the winter, it is very important to schedule regular maintenance service from professionals before you start using it for the season. Maintenance will not only help your furnace or boiler work at its most energy-efficient throughout the winter and avoid unnecessary repair calls, it will also catch any spots where the heater is developing malfunctions that could lead to unsafe conditions, such as leaking carbon monoxide.

At Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we want your family to stay both warm and safe during the coming cold season in Colorado Springs, CO and the surrounding areas. We provide the maintenance services you need to make certain your natural gas-powered heater works without presenting danger to anyone in your household.

Why do I need maintenance to keep my furnace or boiler safe?

We don’t want to panic you: today’s manufacturers of gas-powered heating systems design them so they offer few safety hazards. As long as you keep up with annual pre-season maintenance for your heater, it should present no greater danger than an electrical heating system.

However, maintenance is essential to find where gas leaks could occur. The most important part of a furnace to have a technician check is the heat exchanger. This is a clamshell-shaped component that collects the high-temperature combustion gas from the burner and the transfers the heat from its metal walls to air from the blower moves past it. As the heat exchanger expands and contracts, it can start to crack—especially if the furnace is venting poorly and allowing corrosion to develop along the metal. A cracked heat exchanger will allow carbon monoxide exhaust to escape, and this will pose danger from both toxic fumes and combustion. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it is difficult to detect. Keep your furnace up to date with maintenance checks so that you will have few worries about escaping carbon monoxide. Technicians will replace cracked heat exchangers to maintain the furnace’s safe operation.

Your gas-powered boiler also requires maintenance checks to see that there are no leaks along the gas line or blockages that might also lead to the escape of carbon monoxide. Please keep in mind that you should never attempt to search for CO leaks on your own or attempt any DIY repairs. Only professionals should work on natural gas lines: if you suspect a gas leak or a faulty heating system, shut down the gas and call for trained technicians immediately.

When you contact us for maintenance on your furnace or boiler, we will send over a technician with the best training and experience to make sure that your heating system will keep you and your family safe and warm for another winter season in Colorado Springs.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has taken care of gas-powered heaters since 1970. Call us today for an appointment.

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