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3 AC Problems You Might Have Early This Season

Central air conditioning is a more reliable way to cool down an entire home than using small window air conditioners, which fail easily and quickly and do not do a sufficient job of cooling the home. So you are understandably surprised when your typically reliable system is hit with a major problem.

This is especially true toward the beginning of the cooling season. You might expect system failure to come up when the air conditioner is overworked in the middle of summer, but not when temperatures top out in the mid-seventies. Still, we make many repairs at the beginning of the season, so you are not alone. Check out 3 of the most common.

A Dirty Condenser Coil

There is a set of coils located in the unit outside of your home known as the condenser coil. Since last year, this coil might have naturally collected quite a bit of dust. The point of this coil is for refrigerant to move throughout and turn into a liquid state, naturally dissipating heat in the process.

Without heat dissipation, your home cannot get cool. And a coat of dust on the outside coil can prevent heat from dissipating into the air around it.

A Faulty Bower Fan

If you’re not getting any air into the home (or just not enough), it could have to do with the blower fan. This fan is probably the same one used for your furnace, so it gets a lot of work throughout the year. It may be the motor that is worn out, or the capacitor—a much smaller, cheaper part.

Leaky Refrigerant

If you have a refrigerant leak, the long winter break may have given it an opportunity to lose a significant amount of this chemical blend. Don’t allow a technician to simply recharge the refrigerant. Make sure the leak is fixed before any more is added, so that it doesn’t happen again soon.

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