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How Home Automation Can Help You Out This Summer

If you’re looking into ways to save more money for the summer and throughout the years, home automation could be a good option for you. In fact, home automation can make you more comfortable in many ways over the summer, even helping to keep the kids safe. You can connect it to your AC system, your lights, your garage door, and your security system—controlling all of these from an app on your smartphone anywhere you have internet access.

Here are three ways home automation can improve your home over the summer and help to make you feel secure. Call our local Colorado Springs technicians to learn more.

Save Money and Stay More Comfortable

One of the main benefits of a home automation system is how it helps you to save electricity. With the right compatible systems and equipment, you can dim the lights from your smartphone or turn them off completely. If you’re away from the house, you can check to see if you’ve left them on by accident, and then turn them off to save money on your bills.

You can also adjust the thermostat from your phone or tablet, making smarter decisions about your home’s overall climate and your total energy usage. In the summer, bills are often at their highest, and home automation can help you to save in some major ways.

Monitor Your Home from Vacation

If you go on summer vacation this year, you can check on your home in a number of ways with a home automation system. If it’s connected to your garage door, you can check to make sure it’s not open. If you decide to add on a video monitoring system, you can check up on this from the app on your phone. You can even use codes for your door locks and check to see which codes have been used recently or get alerts when codes are entered incorrectly.

Keep the Kids Safe

If the kids are home more often over the summer on their vacation from school, you can check up on them as needed. Look at the recently-used lock codes to make sure they have gotten home safely. Or, check to make sure they aren’t leaving all of the lights on in the house!

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