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Is My Air Conditioner Failing Already?

Problems with an air conditioner can send you into a frenzy, especially if you’ve only recently had it installed. A newer air conditioning system is supposed to run more efficiently and operate more smoothly than your older one. But in only a few short years, months, weeks, or even days, you’ve started to notice a problem.

Don’t think the worst just yet. It could be an easy fix, or the issue might be covered under a warranty. However, there are a few things you should know about installing an AC—as the problem could be serious and you may need a new system to avoid costly problems.

A Broken AC

After a few weeks or months, you’re starting to notice problems with your AC system. It might just be a wiring problem, or there might not be enough refrigerant in the system. If it’s the technician’s fault and it’s an easy fix, the company will often fix it right away for you. Or, it could be covered under warranty if it’s just a faulty system. And minor electrical problems that aren’t the fault of the technician don’t cost too much to fix anyway.

The Wrong Size

If the air conditioner was the wrong size for your home, that’s when you’ve got a problem. Oversized or undersized, it can become overworked attempting to cool a room it wasn’t designed for. Make sure a technician spends time sizing the space before picking out a new system!

A Used System

If you haven’t got a quality team by your side, you might end up with somebody else’s used HVAC equipment! There’s a reason the previous owner ditched it in the first place. Rather than call around for the cheapest price for a new installation or service, make sure you work with quality technicians and installers who will get you the system you deserve.

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