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3 Signs You Need a Second Opinion from an Air Conditioning Technician

At Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on our work, our honesty, and our commitment to the craft. Unfortunately, not every technician can boast so much attention to detail and quality customer service. If your air conditioning technician makes any of the following mistakes, it may be time to seek a second opinion. Read on for more details.

Your technician does not size your home or ask you questions during AC installation or replacement

If a technician suggests that you install a system of a particular size or cooling capacity—without first measuring your home—you should be wary. Even if you are replacing an older system, you should have the sizing reassessed to ensure it will not be the wrong size for your home. Both oversizing and under-sizing can have a major effect on efficiency, performance, and lifespan. If your technician does not pay close attention to square footage, placement of windows, amount of insulation, and other details that affect the temperature in your home, see a second opinion.

Your technician tells you that you need your refrigerant “topped off”

“Topping off” refrigerant (sometimes incorrectly called Freon) is a term you may have heard before regarding air conditioning repair. But you should know that very few repairs involve only adding in refrigerant. If refrigerant is low, it could be due to installation error. But in most cases, low refrigerant is due to a leak in the line that should get repaired as well. If a technician tells you that you will need refrigerant recharged from time to time, talk to someone else.

The price doesn’t fit the service

This applies to quotes that seem too high and those that seem too low. Air conditioning repair is no easy task, and it often involves purchasing specialty parts designed to be compatible with your system. If the price of the air conditioning repair or replacement seems too good to be true—it may just be. On the other hand, if your technician is charging you an arm and a leg for small electrical parts, do a little research before agreeing to the sale.

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