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Why Does It Cost So Much to Run My Air Conditioner?

It takes a lot of energy to run an air conditioner, but today’s high efficiency systems are designed to make a noticeable impact on your bills. But even the best air conditioners cannot conserve energy if you do not take proper care to keep them maintained. Here are a few reasons your air conditioner may be costing more to run than you would expect, and what you can do about it.

  • A part of the AC system needs repair. When the air conditioner is in need of repair, even if it’s just a small part, all of the components may have to work a little bit harder to get the job done. That means that the system takes in a little more energy, which can really add up over time. Schedule professional repairs ASAP.
  • You haven’t scheduled annual maintenance. If you have not yet scheduled annual air conditioning maintenance this year, your system may just have dirty or loose parts that make it difficult to cool down the home efficiently. A professional can make a few adjustments each year to bring the system back to peak efficiency.
  • The air filter needs to be changed. Neglecting to change the air filter can contribute to your cooling troubles because air cannot get into the system as easily when it is blocked by dust and debris. Change or clean the filter each and every month for maximum efficiency.
  • You are not using a programmable thermostat (or you aren’t using the thermostat properly). The programmable thermostat helps homeowners to save money each month because you don’t have to worry about leaving the AC on all day by accident, or whether or not your home will be cool when you arrive. Set the thermostat ahead of time so that the AC is scheduled to shut off when you leave the house for work and turn back on before you arrive.

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