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Do You Need to “Top Off” the Refrigerant in Your AC?

Your home air conditioning system has a number of parts and components that work together to cool you off. But the one you may have heard the most about is refrigerant (though you might have heard it referred to as Freon). Refrigerant is a chemical blend that flows through your inside and outside components and exchanges heat from place to place, and a lack of refrigerant can contribute to troubles cooling your home.

Low Refrigerant Usually (but not Always) Indicates a Leak

If there is not enough refrigerant in your air conditioning system, that generally indicates a problem. It is possible that your system was not properly set up in the first place, in which case “topping off” may be totally justified so long as the refrigerant is measured out correctly. But more likely, there is a leak somewhere along the refrigerant line that must also be attended to.

Your technician should not only add refrigerant to the system; they should also seal up the leak completely. A refrigerant leak can cause reduced cooling, freezing, high bills, and even compressor damage.

There Are Many Potential Reasons for Your Air Conditioning Issues

Low refrigerant often makes the air that comes through your vents a little warmer. But there are many other problems that can have a similar effect on your AC filter. This includes a broken fan, a malfunctioning electrical component, or even dirt in the system or in the air filter. In any case, you need an air conditioning repair professional to check the system out and give you a thorough diagnosis. Besides, only a professional has the proper certifications to handle refrigerant and dispose of it safely.

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