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Why Are the Rooms in My Home Different Temperatures?

The main benefit of central AC is that a single system can control the temperature throughout the entire home. But this is sometimes its biggest problem as well. In some cases, it’s difficult to get the temperature to be consistent throughout the entire home because the house has an extensive floorplan or because some of the rooms are designed to be taller or wider than others. So what should you do?

What NOT to do: Shutting the vents

One of the biggest misconceptions in heating and air conditioning is that shutting some of the vents can help you not only to stay more comfortable, but to save energy as well. It seems logical; the vents are adjustable, after all, and it seems as though you should be able to save energy by shutting off the air to an area you are not using or one that is too cold.

But the truth is that when you shut a vent, the air conditioner is unable to do its job sufficiently. Your system was designed to cool exactly the amount of space in your home. In fact, if it was sized properly, it should also account for little things like insulation and window placement. A change in the area your AC cools will only force it to struggle as it becomes overworked attempting to cool a space smaller than intended.

The right answer: Zone control

Something you should keep in mind about air conditioners is that the air conditioning unit itself is not the only part of the cooling process. The air conditioner may be at fault when air is not evenly distributed around the home, but more than likely it’s an issue in the ducts. A zone control system, a set of dampers installed in the ducts, allows air to balance out throughout the home, opening and closing as needed to let air in or block air to a specific area. Plus, you and your family members can control the air in each room separately from the others when necessary.

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