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Does a Boiler Really Need a Tune-Up?

If you have a boiler system, you may feel that your unit is nearly infallible. After all, boilers are tough, and they can last much longer than other types of heating systems. But of course, any large system like this fails eventually. It’s important to schedule tune-ups each year to keep tabs on your system and to benefit from annual services that may improve safety and efficiency.

Boilers Produce Carbon Monoxide

One major reason to schedule a boiler tune-up each year is that boilers can and do produce carbon monoxide. Now, with normal operation, this carbon monoxide should be venting safely away from the home through a flue pipe installed by the boiler.

However, it’s possible that the ventilation system can leak. And if it does, this dangerous odorless, colorless gas could get into your home. Getting an inspection each year gives you the peace of mind of knowing your boiler is safe.

A Tune-Up Can Restore Efficiency

One reason a lot of homeowners decide to schedule service for their boilers each year is to save some money. Annual heating maintenance tunes the performance of your boiler, allowing for smoother operation. That means that your boiler needs less fuel and energy to run when parts are adjusted and burners are cleaned.

Prevent Breakdowns

Finally, getting a boiler tune-up now can help to prevent breakdowns later on. It may seem as though your boiler is fine right now, but little problems can add up and may not show themselves until later on in the season, when you really need your boiler to work.

When you schedule service right now, a technician will check up on the pump, the control, the thermostat, and other components and let you know if something is not quite right. That way, you can resolve issues before the season starts.

When you contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning this season, you’ll get your boiler into shape for the winter. Call our friendly team for boiler maintenance services in Colorado Springs.

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