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Don’t Miss Out on Tax Credits and Rebates for Heating

Looking for a new heating system, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to stay warm this winter? Act fast! Replacing your heating system in the winter offers you the ability to get through the winter worry-free, since a new system is less likely to break down than an older heater.

And besides, rebates and tax credits may be available for high-efficiency furnace upgrades in your area. Learn more about upgrading your heating system and saving some money here, or call our friendly team!

We know that a new heating system can seem pricy…

…But think about the monthly savings!

Any heating system that is more than one or two decades old is going to use up quite a bit of fuel, no matter how efficient it was when you first purchased it. As parts start to wear down, efficiency decreases, and the components may break one-by-one until you end up paying more to fix your old system than you would on payments for a new one! A new heating system can mean a drastic reduction in bills.

And financing is often available

If you work with a quality company that’s been in business for a while, they can often offer you financing for new systems and major services. That means that you can make monthly payments that are easy to manage. And some people say that the lower cost of running a high-efficiency furnace combined with monthly financing costs is less than what they were paying beforehand!

Where to find local rebates and federal tax incentives

In the Colorado Springs area, there are several rebates available for heating installations that meet a number of requirements. For example, you may be able to get $250 back on a new furnace installation. Check with your local technicians to learn more about rebates in your area, and try the ENERGY STAR website for information about federal income tax credits for energy efficiency.

For heating installation and service in the Colorado Springs, CO, or if you have any questions about local incentives for energy upgrades, contact Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning.

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