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Let the Fresh Air In with a Heat Recovery Ventilator

Opening a window to let some fresh air in can make you feel a lot better when the air indoors just feels stuffy and stale. But this is only true when temperatures outside are relatively mild. When temperatures are hot or cold and you just want to run your central AC and heating system, opening a window or a door really isn’t an option you have.

Don’t Worry about Your Bills

When you have a heat recovery ventilator installed by a professional, it can let fresh air in without having a major effect on your bills. In the winter, a heat exchanger ensures that heat is transferred to the cold outside air coming in before the stale indoor air vents outside. In the summer, the heat exchanger transfers heat from the fresh incoming air to the stale air leaving the home.

This system will contribute to a small amount of energy loss. However, the amount is nowhere near what you would lose if you tried to open up your home and let the fresh air in without a heat exchanger to help. This process ensures your comfort, as well as the longevity of your heating and cooling systems since you won’t have to worry about the parts becoming overworked.

Heat Recovery vs. Energy Recovery

If you research heat recovery ventilators (or visit our site to learn more) you might find that there are energy recovery ventilators as well. These two systems are very similar. The only difference is that an energy recovery ventilator also helps to keep humidity from transferring into or out of the home along with the stale air stream.

These systems must be installed by professional technicians only. Call your indoor air quality specialists to learn more about heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) and energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) and to find out if they’re right for your home.

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