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4 Things You Should Know about Home Automation

Nexia Home Intelligence systems are gaining popularity in our area. People want the convenience of being able to operate their most important home systems from the device they rely on every day: their smartphones! Use your smartphone to turn off lights, lower the temperature, and more, no matter how far you are away from home. Learn more about home automation below.

Home automation is convenient whether you’re away or at home

Many people install home automation systems because they want to be able to check on the lights, monitor their home security, or raise the temperature remotely. But an added benefit is the ability to do all these things from bed or from the couch. Dim the lights for a movie, find out who’s knocking at the door, or get the temperature settings just right without getting out of your seat.

You can save money

One of the biggest benefits of home automation is the possibility of saving on your monthly bills. You can monitor your air conditioning and heating systems, and shut them off or change the temperature if no one is home. You can also save by turning off lights and learning more about your energy usage throughout the day.

It can help you to stay safe

One of the biggest selling points for home automation is the ability to connect to a home security system, including a camera and the locks. With a lock keypad, you can distribute codes to family members and find out who is entering your home at any given moment through the application, or find out if someone has entered an incorrect code and may be trying to break in.

You must have compatible products to work with it

Unfortunately, you cannot simply install the system control and hope that all of your fixtures connect. You have to purchase compatible products designed to work with your Nexia Bridge (the receiver that connects to the Wi-Fi) so that they can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone. A technician can help you find compatible systems from brand names you trust.

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