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My Home Isn’t Warm Enough: What’s Wrong with the Boiler?

Boilers are widely praised as delivering some of the best in whole-home comfort. The hot water tank moves hot water through a set of pipes underneath the floor, or else the heat radiates from an endpoint like a baseboard or radiator unit. This system transfers heat directly to the people and the objects in the room, and this direct heat transfer is what makes it more comfortable to many than the standard forced-air furnace or heat pump.

So when something is wrong with your boiler, it could come as a bit of a shock. A drop in heating performance is something to be concerned about. While it could be a sign of a big problem, it might be something relatively easy for a technician to fix. Either way, prompt professional attention is vital to stop the problem from worsening.

  • Faulty pump: The pumps that move the hot water from the boiler to the radiator and back again could fail, and this would lead to a drop in heating performance, especially if you notice the problem from only one radiator.
  • Thermostat: Of course, it could simply indicate a problem with the thermostat or the temperature settings on the thermostatic valve.
  • Blocked valves: The radiator valve that allows the water to get to it could eventually become blocked by scaling—a high level of minerals.
  • Scaling in the tank: If you’ve got hard water, scaling is much more likely to occur inside of the tanks. You may hear loud noises from the tank indicating mineral deposits are present. The scaling may settle at the bottom of the tank, making it more difficult for the burners to heat it up. Flushing the tank may solve the problem.
  • Low Pressure: Low pressure levels in the system could also lead to a lack of heat.

Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning can diagnose and repair your boiler problem. Call us today for heating services in Colorado Springs!

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