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Consider a Heat Pump for Your Next Home Comfort Upgrade

When heating and air conditioning technicians talk about a heat pump, you might assume they’re referring to a heating system. And this is only half of the truth. A heat pump is actually designed with all of the same components as a standard central AC, but with a little bit extra added in. That allows it to both heat and cool your home with a single system.

How a Heat Pump Works

Typically, your heater and your air conditioner are two separate units. They might share a blower fan, but that’s about it: a furnace uses natural gas (or oil or electricity) to heat the home while the air conditioner has two units and uses electricity.

A heat pump is different. It has an indoor and outdoor unit, just like a standard central AC. And it uses refrigerant to move heat from the inside air to the outdoors, just like a standard central AC. But when you switch it into “heating” mode, it can also use that refrigerant in reverse: to absorb heat from the outdoor air and move it inside.

An Effective Heating System

If you’ve heard about heat pumps in the past, you might have heard that they are not very effective heaters. And, unfortunately, twenty or thirty years ago, heat pumps did have some design flaws. But today, heat pumps are better than ever. They can absorb heat from the outside air, even as temperatures approach freezing. While you may need to use a backup heater, it will likely be in use sparingly.

They heat and cool very efficiently as well. Heat pump efficiency matches that of standard air conditioning system efficiency, and there is a range of options available. And moving heat around from place to place is actually a much more efficient process than heat production, so they can save money on heating as well. Consider a heat pump for your next home comfort installation!

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