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Not Enough Heat from the Heater: What Could Be Wrong?

service-timeSlowly but surely, we are moving out of the heating season once more. While many of us are really looking forward to sunny spring days and even the heat of summer, the fact of the matter is that we are not necessarily done with our heaters just yet. Chilly nights still await us, and there’s a good chance that you’ll be using your heater a bit longer yet. That is why you cannot ignore the need for heater service in Black Forest, CO, even this late in the season.

One issue that you may notice with your heater—and a pretty major one, at that—is the fact that there is just not enough heat coming from that heater! As is the case with any heating problem, there are a few different reasons as to why this may be the case. Today, we will discuss some of the reasons behind this issue. Just because you have an idea why your heater may be behaving this way does not mean that you can fix it yourself, though. Remember to dial our number to have your heater repaired properly. 

It Could Be a Thermostat Issue

Your thermostat is not like an accelerator on a car. It is really more akin to an on/off switch. You can set the thermostat to your desired temperature, of course, but cranking up the thermostat is not going to heat your home up any faster. It will just run the heater longer until that higher temperature is met.

Now, if your thermostat is registering temperatures wrong for some reason, then it may seem like your heater is not producing enough heat. In fact, it isn’t—though not due to the heater itself in this case. Instead, the thermostat is reading temperatures incorrectly, and is telling the heater that it’s done enough. It will cycle the system down before your desired temperature is met, leaving you chilly as a result.

You Could Have Leaky Ducts

If you use a forced air heating system, the problem could also lie with the ductwork that you use in order to distribute heated air throughout the house. If you have leaky air ducts, the heat that is in those ducts is going to naturally seep out into its cooler surroundings. That may not sound so bad, since it’s not as if it’s simply disappearing, right?

Well, the issue is that these ducts often pass through spaces between walls and above ceilings, so it may leak into an area where it is really doing you no good. It will be more difficult to cool your home evenly, the air coming from the ducts may feel cooler than it should, and you are ultimately going to be paying more money for lesser comfort.

Do You Use a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are great systems, especially for those homeowners looking to heat their homes with outstanding energy efficiency. They are not foolproof, though, and you may wind up with a problem necessitating professional repairs.

If your heat pump is pumping out cool air when you’re trying to heat your home, then it may have a refrigerant leak. You’ll likely see ice start to develop on the heat pump (more than is normal and can be handled by the defrost cycle) as well. Don’t continue to run your system if you suspect a refrigerant leak, as this can lead to irrevocable compressor damages.

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