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How to Get Healthier Air Indoors This Season

blowing-noseEnsuring that your heating and air conditioning systems are functioning properly, effectively, and reliably is important if you hope to continue living in the level of comfort that we know you deserve. Maintaining comfortable temperatures alone is not really enough, though. You also need to make sure that you are breathing clean, healthful air in your home. To do so, you are most likely going to need some help.

That is why we do not only provide exceptional HVAC services like air conditioning maintenance and heater repair in Colorado Springs, CO. We also offer a wide array of indoor air quality systems and services to help our clients realize the level of indoor air quality that they deserve. So read on and keep these tips in mind if you are serious about enjoying air of the highest quality in your home this season, and for many more to come.

Combat Airborne Pollutants

Airborne pollutants can cover a lot of ground, including pet fur, pollen, dust, dirt, and other pollutants that can be sent airborne and make their way throughout your home. Removing these pollutants is actually easy enough to do, provided that you have the right type of equipment in place for doing so. If you think that the air filter in your HVAC system will do the job, think again.

That air filter should be replaced regularly and it is important for protecting equipment and preventing the need for AC and heater repairs. It is not really there to boost indoor air quality throughout your entire home, though. To do that, you’ll need a more efficient and comprehensive air filtration system installed or, depending on the situation, an electronic air cleaner.

Destroy Biological Pollutants

Trapping and removing certain pollutants, such as those outlined above, is sufficient in those cases. In other cases, however, you are going to need to do more than that. You are going to need to destroy the pollutants threatening your indoor air quality and your health. Why? Because some pollutants are living entities, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.

If you are dealing with biological pollutants in your home, then pollutant destruction based systems are needed. You cannot just trap them on a filter. They are often too small for doing so, and they can continue to thrive even after they’ve been trapped. Systems like UV germicidal lights can disrupt the biological processes of such pollutants, killing them off and rendering them incapable of reproduction.

Balance Humidity

It is no big shock to hear that the air in your home may be too dry, right? Winter air is quite dry to begin with, as is air in our area, typically. While summers may see higher humidity levels, running one’s air conditioner nonstop can wind up drying out the air as moisture is wicked from it during the cooling process.

Using a whole-house humidifier is definitely the way to go about adding the right amount of humidity to air throughout your home. It means that you don’t have to worry about moving portable units around, and you are not going to have to continually fill a reservoir, either. Opt for whole-house humidification if you’re after effective and convenient results.

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