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Situations That Call for Emergency AC Repair

Monday, September 18th, 2023

As a homeowner, sometimes it can be challenging to know when to call for emergency AC repair and when it can wait. Of course, when the forecast calls for triple-digit temperatures and your AC won’t turn on, then it’s obviously an emergency situation. But sometimes it’s more nuanced than that. 

For example, what if your AC isn’t working optimally but it’s late summer and you don’t think you’ll need it until spring? Then what should you do? It gets tricky, doesn’t it? Let’s explore this topic in detail so you’ll know when to pick up the phone pronto and when to wait it out.

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Making Sense of Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings

Monday, September 4th, 2023

Many Colorado homeowners wonder if a heat pump will be sufficient to keep their homes warm during our cold, long winters. That’s because there’s a common misconception that heat pumps will struggle to keep a home warm enough in cold climates.

However, with advancements in heat pump technology, homeowners don’t need to worry as much about this. It’s not a question of whether a heat pump can heat your home sufficiently; it’s a question of what efficiency rating you should look for in a heat pump. Let’s go over the most important factor to consider when deciding on a heat pump: its efficiency ratings.

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