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How a UV Air Purifier Can Help Your Home

Monday, January 24th, 2022

UV-air-purifier-lightWe’ve always spent a great deal of time indoors during the winter months in Colorado Springs. Now we’re spending more time than ever indoors, even during the other months of the year. This makes it more important than ever to maintain the best indoor air quality in our homes, and special powerful air filters and air purifiers can help you achieve the goal of the cleanest, healthiest air possible for your family.

One of the most useful types of air purifiers is the UV air purifier, also known as a UV germicidal light. If your main concern about indoor air quality in your house is the spread of germs and the presence of mold, then installing a UV germicidal light in Colorado Springs, CO may be the right option for you. Our expert team can help you find out and then handle the installation.

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Understanding Air Filter Strength

Monday, January 10th, 2022

pleated-air-filterIf you’re interested in improving your indoor air quality in Colorado Springs, CO this year—and many people are—one of the first options you’ll look at is an air filtration system. Air filters are usually the start of any indoor air quality system, since they’re effective at taking care of many of the larger particles circulating through the air and don’t use any power the way air filtration systems do. They’re safe, affordable, and for many homes can do the full air cleaning job necessary. 

To help you understand how an air filtration system installation can work for your house, we’re going to discuss the measurement of filtration strength. Filters come in a wide range of strengths, from simple mesh filters you find in window ACs to powerful industrial filters used to protect clean rooms and hospitals. What will work for your home? You can trust our experts to help you answer this question.

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