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Don’t Forget to Change Your Air Filter!

The air filter in your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is important for many reasons. Not only does it filter harmful contaminants out of the air like dust and pet dander; it also protects your air conditioner and heating equipment from damage. However, if you don’t change the filters enough, you may contribute to inefficient operation and some worn down parts. Here’s how a clogged filter hurts your bills.

The System Runs Inefficiently

Any forced-air heating and air conditioning system is designed to condition a certain amount of air. If it cannot pull in the right amount of air from your home, it will most likely run into some difficulties. Too much dirt and debris in the filter will block airflow, which means the AC or heating system has to run for longer in order to condition your home. This will hike up your energy bills and keep you feeling a lot less comfortable.

Parts Can Wear Down

As your system works harder to change the temperature in your home, the parts are likely to become overworked and experience trouble. You’ll end up paying to replace parts much sooner than you should have to if this occurs. In an air conditioning system, a clogged filter can actually cause the coil of the air handler to freeze.

Changing the Filter

Be sure to change the filter once a month or every three months depending on how much you use your system and how quickly dirt builds up in the filter. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for placement, and make sure you do not replace your filter with a model that is the wrong size for your system. If you require additional filtration for allergens in the home, it’s best to call in an indoor air quality expert and ask about separate whole-home filtration systems.

Call the professional technicians at Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for more about air filters or to install a new filtration system in Colorado Springs, CO.

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