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Is It Too Late to Schedule an AC Maintenance Visit?

Air conditioning maintenance is a valuable service that can help to improve the efficiency, performance, and even the longevity of your system. It’s an important tune-up and cleaning session that gets the parts into better shape than they were before. It’s also an opportunity for a professional to learn whether there are any problems within your system that deserve prompt attention to avoid a potential breakdown in the summer.

When to Schedule AC Maintenance

We typically recommend that homeowners schedule air conditioning maintenance before the end of spring, and as early on in the cooling season as possible. However, we know you have a busy life. It may be more difficult to remember AC maintenance before you actually start to run your air conditioner.

It’s Not Too Late

It’s still a good idea to get your AC system tuned up and into shape, even if summer is in full swing. There is still plenty of time left in the season now, and you can still benefit from the inspection that can help you to learn whether or not any part of your air conditioner is in jeopardy.

Is Something Wrong with Your Air Conditioner?

However, you should know that if there is something wrong with your air conditioning system, AC maintenance is not the right service for you. During a maintenance visit, your technician has a set list of services to perform, often within a certain amount of time.

If something is wrong with your AC system, you need to schedule a repair! This way, the technician will have enough time to provide the necessary services and get your system into shape.

Join a Maintenance Program

Never forget to schedule AC maintenance again! If you join a maintenance program with a local contractor, you have an agreement that your local technicians will perform service for your AC and heating system once or twice a year. And usually, the service comes with some additional benefits as well, like discounts on repairs later on and priority scheduling for all of your AC needs!

For expert air conditioning maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO, call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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