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How Prompt Repairs Keep Your Furnace Running Safely

furnace-isolated-whiteOne of the big concerns we have as a company offering furnace repair in Colorado Springs, CO is ensuring the safety of our customers. The majority of homes in Colorado Springs use gas furnaces to stay warm during the intense, long winters, and a gas furnace that is in poor repair can create carbon monoxide dangers to a household that are potentially lethal. We take this seriously, and since 1970 we’ve helped our customers receive the service that will not only keep the heat on, but will keep health hazards away.

Of course, we can’t come to help you until you call to tell us you have issues with your furnace. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of moving fast to have furnace repairs done when anything isn’t working properly. Even a seemingly small concern with the furnace may become a safety hazard. Below are the ways fast repairs translate to a safer furnace.

Catch a small problem before it becomes a big problem

There isn’t such a thing as a “small” gas furnace problem, because any malfunction in a gas furnace will worsen if it’s allowed to continue, and that can become a safety hazard eventually. Strain on one part of the furnace puts strain on other parts, leading them toward malfunctioning. When you have us out to repair your furnace right away, it not only increases safety, it also means a smaller repair that won’t cost as much.

Detect safety hazards occurring elsewhere

Your furnace might be running unsafely already, but the problem you’re experiencing isn’t with that specific problem, but coming from elsewhere. This can happen in older furnaces, where different components are wearing down and need help. When you call us for repairs, we’ll do a check on the furnace to ensure it’s working safely—and we’ll catch if there is something else wrong that needs our attention.

Fix an actual safety hazard

You may not know that the problem your furnace is having is creating a safety issue because the main symptom is something like the furnace shutting down too early or low amounts of heat coming from it. But any of these symptoms may stem from problems with the gas line or the heat exchanger, and those are potentially dangerous troubles. Never take risks guessing what may be wrong with your gas furnace; it requires professionals to properly diagnose an issue and then repair it correctly. If a gas leak is causing that drop in power from the burners, you want to know about it fast. 

For your safety, whenever you think your furnace is malfunctioning, shut it off and turn off the gas before calling us. There is a furnace switch near the cabinet to shut down the system and gas valves to cut off gas flow. If the carbon monoxide detectors in your home go off (and you must have CO detectors installed if you have gas furnaces), leave the house immediately and call the gas company. You’ll be able to call us later for repairs. 

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