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Schedule Heater Maintenance for Peace of Mind

You don’t really know how well your heater will fare this upcoming winter. Unless you plan to avoid using it altogether (which seems unthinkable in our climate), you cannot be certain your home will be safe. Unfortunately, it is possible that your heater will run into issues that keep it from performing the way it was designed. And, while rare, gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks are possible.

Get the peace of mind you need to get through the winter. Stay worry-free by scheduling service with our expert heating technicians ahead of the colder weather.

What Heating Maintenance Involves

We always recommend that our customers schedule heating maintenance services as early as possible. Heating maintenance is a service most local heating and air conditioning contractors offer, though the steps may vary, to an extent. Typically, the process goes like this:

  • An Inspection – This will reveal any safety and performance issues well before the season begins.
  • A TuneUp – Tuning and cleaning certain parts of the system helps it to run more smoothly throughout the heating season.
  • Your Report – Technicians report to you so that you know of any further steps you may need to take and so you’re informed of the current state of your heater.

Why Schedule Service Now

This is the best time to schedule a heating system tune-up and service. Technicians have availability—more now than they will have in a month or two, when colder weather leaves many realizing their systems need prompt service. Plus, you get these benefits:

  • Avoid costly emergency calls – You won’t have to worry about potentially incurring a high bill for emergency heating service when your unit acts up unexpectedly—or going without heating in the middle of winter.
  • Save money – A quality tune-up could help you to save money on your monthly energy and gas costs.
  • Have your system for longer – Studies show that comfort systems receiving regular tune-ups tend to last longer than those that don’t.
  • Get peace of mind – Knowing your home is safe is one of the most important things for any homeowner!

Call Robbins Heating & Air Conditioning for quality heating services in Colorado Springs, CO.

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